SPS Technologies

SPS Technologies


SPS is an innovative sintering process that is emergin as a key enabling technology in the processing of numerous advanced materials however up to now the industrial upscale of the technology was limited due to the reduced size of the samples attainable and the material heterogeneities in large samples. The main advantages of Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) over conventional hot pressing and sintering are:

  • Use of low temperature and mould pressure
  • Reduction of cycle times to just a few minutes
  • No need for sintering additives
  • Fabrication of fully dense sintered components retaining nano- and ultrafine microstructures
  • Sintering of composites with components that react with each other (metastable microstructures)
  • Diffusion bonding of dissimilar materials

Nanoker has a Public-Private agreement with CINN, the Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology research Centre belonging to the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) for the exploitation of a customized SPS. This unit is additionally equipped with a inductive radial coil to prevent temperature gradients in large-sized components or to facilitate the inductive heating of materials that otherwise have dielectric behavior at room temperature. This facility is particularly suitable for industrial demonstration activities and serial production of blanks with dimensions up to 400 mm diameter.


  • 400  tons  pressing  force
  • Maximum  capacity  of  1200  kW
  • Voltage:  1-20  V
  • Current:  40  kA
  • Maximum  Temperature:  2200ºC
  • Maximum  pìece  dimensions:  400 mm


  • Ceramic  armors
  • Transparent  ceramic  windows
  • Thermoelectric  materials
  • Ultrahard  cutting  tools
  • Wear-resistant  composite  materials
  • Nanostructured  materials
  • Hard  metals
  • High-performance  aluminium alloys
  • Magnetic  materials

Advanced Sintering Technologies
Advanced Sintering Technologies


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