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Nanoker Research is a SME-company founded in 2011 with the aim to achieve the commercial exploitation of the research results generated in the European Integrated Project IP NANOKER “Structural ceramic nanocomposites for top-end functional applications” (515784. FP6-NMP). This project was focused on the development of several families of a new generation of nanostructured ceramic materials with potential application in different market sectors. Nanoker joined together professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the production and development of technical ceramics with entrepreneurs from academia with a deep knowledge on nanoceramics and nanocomposites.

Nanoker Research, S.L. produces and commercializes high performance ceramic components based on advanced ceramics, nanoceramics and nanocomposites for industrial and biomedical applications.

Nanoker Research, S.L. focuses its activity in the field of technical ceramics for industrial applications through the trademark Keratec Advanced Materials whereas produces and commercializes biomedical products through the company Bioker Research, S.L.

Nanoker research - Polígono de Olloniego
Parcela 22A, Nave 5, 33660 Oviedo
Principado de Asturias - ESPAÑA
Tel: (+34) 985 76 11 41
Fax: (+34) 985 20 56 85